So glad you are visiting my dot painting website. This is one of my newest passions, which I discovered only recently. The topic of dot painting came up during a book club Zoom call when one of the members mentioned another club just for dot painting. I checked out the links on the club page, started binge watching YouTube videos about dot painting, and never turned back. One of the things about dot painting that instantly caught my interest was the meditative quality brought about by the intense concentration required to create so many small dots. The first media I used, believe it or not, was to paint on rocks! I started collecting rocks around my house, then ordering them online. Can you believe that someone actually sells rocks online? Well, they really do.

After I filled my house up with painted rocks, I quickly determined I needed a more practical medium, at which time I started using all sorts of flat sheets. Paper, cardboard, posterboard, and different types of canvas. This escalated into buying all sorts of different tools for creating dots, besides paint brushes. Who knew there was this whole world out there of special tools, designed just for painting dots - all sizes of dots - big dots, little dots, smooth dots, textured dots. Well, the list is apparently endless.

Just as I had first observed, I have found the practice of creating dots to be very much like meditation - calming, focused and peaceful. After I started getting comfortable creating dots, the next level was to discover how the dots wanted to organize themselves on my canvas. Sometimes I start with a stencil to form a framework for the dots, but very often the dots decide to end up looking nothing like the original stencil pattern. As you look through my paintings, you'll see how many different patterns my dots have ended up forming. My newest discovery is the practice of sacred geometry, which taps into the same energy as my other spiritual studies, and is allowing me to create my own guides for organizing my dots.

I am still at the very start of my journey with my dots, and I feel I still have so much more to learn. As I have become more experienced, a whole new level of understanding and kinship with the legions of other dot painters who I still watch every day I'm not actively creating my own dots. I hope you check back now and again to share the future adventures of me and my dots.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and all my best wishes to you wherever your journey has led you, and wherever it is going.

Patricia Dennison